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Re: data vendors

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Chip, the new America stocks almost always get goosed up in price following
an IBD mention, and this is seldom a great time to buy them.....that's why
the timeliness of delivery is not important (within a day or so)

And you have to remember, guys like Richard (who have been doing this the
better part of 3 decades) have far better systems in place that work over a
broad range of market conditions.

I'm a relative beginner like you seem to be, and if I see 10 different CNBC
guests contradict themselves on the "economic slowdown" of next year, I just
turn to the IBD futures page and look at the direction of raw materials
And I don't use RS figures to buy a stock that's already tripled in the last
six months; I look for divergence in the RS and the stock price, and if
successive RS figures are higher, while the stock price is the same, it
might be a good stock to further evaluate.

There's a million little uses for this paper, and although I'm fortunate to
have a variety of  tools, I could make money using IBD, and nothing else.

How many tools do you have like that ?


P.S It really helps to check the same areas of the paper everyday.....Once
it becomes a habit, the market doesn't seem nearly so random and

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From: Chip Anderson <chipamy@xxxxxxxxx>
To: Dick <dick@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>; metastock-list@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Wednesday, December 03, 1997 1:05 PM
Subject: Re: Usefulness of IBD

>Thanks for everyone's feedback.  I have even more followup questions:
>> Chip, if you could only have one source of stock info., IBD would
>have to be
>> it.
>Agreed, but my point is that Internet and CNBC now gives me _tons_ of
>other sources.  Granted I am "plugged in" 12 hours/day now - people
>who aren't that "lucky" may benefit from the time the news summaries
>save them.
>I have found most of the charts and the data for them is available on
>the net or via my data provider.
>BIG QUESTION: Even though I have it delivered by courier, I don't
>recieve my IBD until 9:30 AM Pacific time - too late to act on any New
>America stories or strong RS changes that day.  Is the same true for
>you in Hawaii?  If it was, would it change the benefit you get from
>the paper?
>Also, all of the articles - with the exception of the New America
>stuff - is posted on their website the night before.  Unfortunately, I
>don't find those articles too useful - ex. the endless series on the
>state of American education.
>I agree that the New America articles are interesting, but I'm not
>sure they justify my subscription (especially since I get them late).
>Any comments?  Again, I _do_ appreciate all of the opinions I'm
>getting.  Didn't someone say there was not enough postings recently! ;-)
>---Dick <dick@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Chip, if you could only have one source of stock info., IBD would
>have to be
>> it.
>> One of the problems in using it, is realizing how much good info. is
>> there, and how it fits together. For example, using "Stocks In The
>> (those little mini-graphs) will tell you the sectors most in favor.
>> general market page gives you the comparison of the 3 indexes WITH
>> and A/D for each. It also gives you sector graphs not available
>> else, world markets, industry groups....yada, yada, yada.
>> The articles are invaluable...stocks like Cisco appeared several times
>> before they hit $20 in the new america and company news, and investors
>> corner is well-balanced, not too bearish or bullish.
>> In fact, the lack of bearishness is one of the most refreshing
>things about
>> IBD. If you read WSJ or Barrons, you always come away with more
>> worries than you started with.
>> Sheesh, I sound like an IBD salesman, don't I? Well, you asked ! <g>
>> Dick
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>> From: Richard Estes <restes@xxxxxxxxx>
>> To: chipa@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <chipa@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>;
>> <metastock-list@xxxxxxxxx>
>> Date: Wednesday, December 03, 1997 8:58 AM
>> Subject: Re: Usefulness of IBD
>> >IBD's presentation of the market place is unexcelled. The
>information in
>> >their rankings alone is worth the price. I try not to look at a
>stock that
>> >is not EPS/RS >80.  RSI has nothing to do with their RS rankings.
>> that
>> >compare a stock to say SP-500 in a comparison chart waste their
>time IMO.
>> >You need how a stock stands against all stocks. Only in IBD do you
>> this.
>> >
>> >But if you are married to a few stocks, and don't care for the big
>> >let it go.
>> >
>> >Richard Estes
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>> >From: Chip Anderson <chipamy@xxxxxxxxx>
>> >To: metastock-list@xxxxxxxxx <metastock-list@xxxxxxxxx>
>> >Date: Wednesday, December 03, 1997 11:20 AM
>> >Subject: Usefulness of IBD
>> >
>> >
>> >>Question for the group:
>> >>
>> >>Because I can use MetaStock to compute the RSI for any stock and do
>> >>explorations, and because the Internet provides me with all of the
>> >>news I need, is the usefulness of Investor's Business Daily (IBD)
>> >>dramatically decreased?
>> >>
>> >>I am considering not renewing my subscription.  Opinions?
>> >>
>> >>Thanks in advance,
>> >>Chip
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