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Re: Usefulness of IBD

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Richard, I think if you check, you'll find that the RS line is drawn in
comparison to the SPX, while the RS *number* is a comparison to the entire
market. I just wondered if anybody had figured out how to duplicate the IBD
indicators....I tried once without much success.

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From: Richard Estes <restes@xxxxxxxxx>
To: Dick <dick@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>; metastock-list@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Wednesday, December 03, 1997 12:14 PM
Subject: Re: Usefulness of IBD

>IBD's RS ranking measures daily the price change over the last 12 months
>compared to all other stocks in the tables, (9000+) there may be a
>on quarters. It has nothing to do with SP-500 which would make it nearly
>To DJ, IBD is a daily newspaper and its deadlines measure in hours and
>Richard Estes
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>From: Dick <dick@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>To: metastock-list@xxxxxxxxxxxxx <metastock-list@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Date: Wednesday, December 03, 1997 3:13 PM
>Subject: Re: Usefulness of IBD
>>Speaking of IBD Relative Strength, does anyone know the indicator formula
>>for an IBD-type relative strength line. (I think it's a 200 day moving
>>average of close/indicator (S&P 500) with a 40% weighting toward the last
>>month, or something like that, but I called IBD a long time ago, and
>>only to be told it was "proprietary".)
>>I also assumed that IBD RS <50 was weaker than the S&P and >50 was
>>but couldn't get a number that matched the IBD number.
>>Any one have this one figured out ?
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>>From: Richard Estes <restes@xxxxxxxxx>
>>To: chipa@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <chipa@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>;
>>Date: Wednesday, December 03, 1997 8:58 AM
>>Subject: Re: Usefulness of IBD
>>>IBD's presentation of the market place is unexcelled. The information in
>>>their rankings alone is worth the price. I try not to look at a stock
>>>is not EPS/RS >80.  RSI has nothing to do with their RS rankings. Those
>>>compare a stock to say SP-500 in a comparison chart waste their time IMO.
>>>You need how a stock stands against all stocks. Only in IBD do you get
>>>But if you are married to a few stocks, and don't care for the big
>>>let it go.
>>>Richard Estes
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>>>From: Chip Anderson <chipamy@xxxxxxxxx>
>>>To: metastock-list@xxxxxxxxx <metastock-list@xxxxxxxxx>
>>>Date: Wednesday, December 03, 1997 11:20 AM
>>>Subject: Usefulness of IBD
>>>>Question for the group:
>>>>Because I can use MetaStock to compute the RSI for any stock and do
>>>>explorations, and because the Internet provides me with all of the
>>>>news I need, is the usefulness of Investor's Business Daily (IBD)
>>>>dramatically decreased?
>>>>I am considering not renewing my subscription.  Opinions?
>>>>Thanks in advance,
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