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been getting some securities and indexes poping up on my exploration:

.DJT dow jones transport - buy 11/20
U - 11/20

BAANF  11/29

C,CRS,and FOBC  12/1/97
These arew daily signals, the weekly indicators are starting to comer
around to the buy side . Any one tracking or doing anything with these /

I agree with Jim, I think were getting into a mometum type of market.

I sold my IOM calls on 11/28- my upside target was not hit but I did not
like the price action, and the OBV was not leading like it was.

Sold my GE Dec calls last week also because I don't like a call option w/
only 1 month or less left.  I still like GE.

I am holding JNJ, AMAT ,and TBR calls and TFONY adr's and thinking of
getting into BAANF on a pull back. Comments on these?

Ahhhh, Packers just missed a field goal.  

PS. I have a joke list going if any one would like me to add them to it, 
send me an e mail to surfingrincon@xxxxxxxx, don't tie up the meatastock
list.  No guarantee on the jokes, anything goes!