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Probably solved the problems,

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I have been using a sector rating table successfully since 1976.
I detailed in a previous posting how this was calculated. I used to perform
a visual analysis but found this to be far too time consuming.
Equis recently sent me a sector rating analysis offered by Bollinger which
appears to have similar ideas to mine.
I firmly believe that sector analysis is an absolute pre-requisite to stock
selection. Keep up the good work.
Dr Clive Roffey

At 09:24 PM 27-11-1997 -0800, you wrote:
>I've updated the major index and sector charts I posted last week and
>have reorganized them into a unified, maintainable web site.
>    http://coolhistory.com/ChipsCharts
>I've reorganized the S&P Sector charts to reflect the "Sector
>Rotation" theory of the business cycle.  I am including a summary of
>strong and weak sectors at the top of that page for easy viewing of
>where I think we are in the cycle (Entering Late Contraction, BTW).
>I've also added a FAQ page that I hope will be of value to others.
>Please let me know what you think,
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