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Re: Intel News (price cuts)

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You are right, no one is interested in your opinions on computers or your
perception of your expertise I that arena. But after having to endure your
introduction of this subject, listen to Sean and learn something.
Richard Estes
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Date: Wednesday, November 26, 1997 8:28 AM
Subject: Re: Intel News (price cuts)

>as Laurence Sterne once said, "Nothing is so perfectly amusing as a total
>change of ideas."  I have used computers for 20 years and I can say the
>350/100 speed, when it is available, will be sufficient for most computing
>for many years to come.  You mentioned the 6/2 hour processing time
>for your apps.  In order for these figures to have any meaning, I would
>to know what processor, drive architecture, and operating system you are
>using.  Chances are you have a processor slower than a Pentium 133 or your
>system is configured incorrectly.
>I do have some constructive, but not naive, advice for you.  This applies
>you use Windows 95 v4.00.950a, have an EIDE hard drive (and most users do),
>and want to run long hard drive intensive tasks in the background.  You can
>use the multitasking features of the IDE interface by downloading and
>installing the Intel Busmastering driver.  The driver and all instructions
>can be found at:
>under the title "The Bus Master DMA Feature of the Triton"
>The driver allows the "HDD to communicate directly with the main memory
>without using much CPU resources."  A warning though, you must make a
>of the Registry (SYSTEM.DAT & USER.DAT), SYSTEM.INI, AND WIN.INI files
>making any changes to your system.  This is because some users lose control
>of their CD-ROM drive and must edit the Registry to change the second IDE
>channel driver back to the default driver.  You should already have your
>CD-ROM drive on a different (second) channel than your HDD.  Otherwise,
>HDD performance will be slower.
>Installing the driver doesn't change your system, it simply adds the driver
>to your Windows 95, probably c:\Windows\System\IOSUBSYS, directory and
>changes your Control Panel settings.  When you run those Explorations with
>the new driver, you should notice you can run other apps much faster.
>I have downloaded the driver but have not changed my system yet.  I want to
>backup the Registry or my entire system using a tape backup first.  Since I
>do not run large explorations or any HDD intensive tasks in the background
>yet, I may wait before making these changes.
>If you have Windows v950b, you can enable this feature in the HDD
>screen of the System Manager.  It is called DMA mode.
>In a message dated 97-11-23 23:57:28 EST, manasco@xxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
><< I must say that after 20 years in the computer business I find your
> comments amusing albeit naive. The fact that some on this listserv still
> use a 486 probably proves they don't know how to use their computer or
> Metastock well enough to justify having a computer. If you want to be an
> average user performing ordinary tasks then a 486 will do just fine.
> Each night I run explorations that take almost 6 hours to complete.
> After they are over I switch to my options program for another 2 hours
> of database work. The new explorations I am starting to work with employ
> a lot of statistical analysis and will take even more time. Anything
> that reduces the time my computer is occupied and increases the time I
> can interact with it will certainly be worth the price.  >>
>there will always be faster processors coming out.  Whether the average end
>users needs them or not, after the 350/100 MHz, will be debatable.  As I
>wrote before, my statements apply to the average user and even to MetaStock
>users.  Using databases involves heavy HDD usage.  Only an Ultra-Wide
>SCSI-III should be used.  Anything else is a waste of time and indicates
>ignorance on the part of the user.  Notice how I haven't even mentioned a
>MetaStock v6.5 doesn't work in Windows v3.1.
>Your predictions are way too optimistic.  Do you have ANY how complex
>parallel processing is?  Having 2 or 4 processors is possible using NT
>now.  However, you must be running at least 1 app for each processor for
>benefit.  This is not parallel processing.  On the average PC platform, I
>doubt parallel processing will exist for at least 10 years.  Besides, in 10
>years processors will be so fast will we even need more than one?
>Daniel L. Martinez
>In a message dated 97-11-22 08:58:53 EST, you write:
><< Regarding your prognostications proclaiming no one will need a new
> computer in 5 years you remind me on the senator in the 1840's ( I think
> ) who voted against creating the patent office because he felt
> everything had already been invented so there was no need for one.
> 300 Mz is already too slow for people doing serious database work now.
> And the programs and operating systems in 5 years will choke a 300 just
> the way Windows95 and Metastock 6.5 will choke a 486 using Win3.1.
> Personally I think in 5 years a lot of users will have parallel
> processors or two computers to do their work.  >>