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MetaStock Formula Programming

MetaStock is a software program designed for real-time traders. The beauty of the software though is that it can easily be used by new traders as well as experienced ones. The included tools help you know not only what to buy and sell, but when. This software can be used to trade everything from stocks and bonds to mutual funds and more. An added bonus is that over 80% of people who tried it reported they had success with the MetaStock formula programming software. You can even customize the tools to fit your needs best.

The MetaStock formula programming software comes with a wide range of tools and features. You can use Fibonacci projections, customizable time intervals, and a new trading system to make the most out of your trading. There are also great charting features that can allow to stay more organized. The ExplorerTM tool allows you search through stocks quickly so you can stay on top. The Expert AdvisorTM tool is great for everyone because it gives you advice from experts pertaining to your situation. The Enhanced System TesterTM lets you test your strategies before you put any money at risk. These features, combined with the other indicators and trading systems you get with the software will allow you to start trading like never before.