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[amibroker] Re: RE:AmiBroker 3.16

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> You might want to poll (on your web page?) your users early next year, to find
> out just where they stand, especially now that OS 3.5 is released. You might
> be able to "raise the bar" sooner than you think.
Nice idea.

> I esp. would like to build better GUIs for my programs, and will look to
> Reaction to see what it allows. (BTW, has anyone seen a Glow icon for
> AmiBroker, yet?)
Well I installed GlowIcons for a moment - they looked nice but I didn't like them. 
First of all GlowIcons/NewIcons are slow - at least much slower then 8 colours MagicWB
But... if there is anyone who wants to supply GlowIcon for AmiBroker - he/she is
welcomed to contact me so GlowIcon can be added to AmiBroker distribution
in future.

> It would be *awesome* to have a charting/plotting gadget for ClassAct/Reaction
> (MUI doesn't have one, either, but, then, it's not "official"), since Reaction
> is now part of the OS! That would give you great exposure for AmiBroker, and
> useful functionality to you/us, if you did. I'd be willing to help pay part of
> your CA/RA developer application costs, if you are willing to make one.
Well... will see. I checked ClassAct some time ago and it was a little bit outdated.
Todays standards for developing GUI are much higher.
Amiga desperately needs high-class development environment with integrated
GUI creation tools with productivity-oriented interface.

AmiBroker is written using very-old gadtools.library and some BOOPSI. 
Gadtools programming is really a pain but at least resulting program is fast. I don't like MUI
since it is slow and sometimes does not react on user interaction (like Windows)
ClassAct on the other hand is years behind the standards and does not have quick
GUI builder integrated with compiler (at least I don't know any)... so we will see...

Note: I may be wrong... maybe you know some tools for Amiga comparable to
MS Visual C++/Borland C++ Builder for Win32?

Best regards,

Tomasz Janeczko
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