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[amibroker] Re: New program suggestions?

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Hello Donald

Le 02-Sep-99, Donald Dalley a écrit:

> Hello, François-Xavier:
> On 01-Sep-99, François-Xavier D'Hollander wrote:
>> If you speak about a program to collect stock quotes on the net, I can
>> give you some stable links.
> I am always interested in new & usefull quote servers. Did you find any
> useful ones for France or Germany?

Happy to help you:

for France: http://www.finance-net.com/bourse/ 

for Germany, Nederlands,NewYork,NASDAQ,UK,...: http://stocks.lesechos.fr

I use them always.

To have historical quotes from Paris: http://www.fininfo.fr/actions
from NYSE, NASDAQ: http://www.financialweb.com/quotecentral

I'm searching for Japan. Have you some stable servers.
I'm looking for a historical quotes for Germany, UK, Nederlands.

What useful links have you?

> I am also looking for the new one for London, on the Freeserve server.
>> I have made my own Rebol script to extract usefull infos from html pages.
>> It runs since several weeks and I know that URLs are stable, that is to
>> say: the html pages are always build in the same way.
> Since I also program in REBOL, this would interest me, too. Have you
> figured out how to trigger CGIs, yet, using REBOL?

Some of my URLs are link this:

simple line of Rebol like "write %File.html read http://...."; are enough for

I don't know how CGIs are working. Sorry.

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