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[amibroker] Re: New program suggestions?

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> To start, I'll be building three databases. I don't know what I will do if
> anyone tracks more than 5 stock markets (we have 6 in Canada alone! [Toronto,
> Montreal, Vancouver, Alberta, Winnipeg and the C.D.N.]); there is no firm
> reason for AB to have this limitation (although, I do appreciate that 5 is a
> bit better than one!).
> We should also be able to name or number AB's market identifyers ourselves and
> have as many as we want or need, since it is now possible to have an unlimited
> number of stock "work spaces".
> Tomasz?

AmiBroker 3.2 will support at least 128 (maybe more) markets with definable names. 
This feature is under development in both Amiga and Win32 versions.

As for workspaces - they are not related to markets. Now you can have upto 5 markets within single
workspace, but at the same time you can have as many workspaces as you like.
Workspace is nothing more than directory where database is stored. The number of workspaces
is limited only by the filesystem (== virtually unlimited)

Best regards,

Tomasz Janeczko
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