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Title: AmiBroker YahooGroup FAQ AmiBroker YahooGroup FAQ How to subscribe? Just send an empty e-mail to amibroker-subscribe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx How to unsubscribe? Just send an empty e-mail to amibroker-unsubscribe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx What is this group for? This group is provided for AmiBroker users to share their ideas, solutions and to help each other. This group proved to be very useful and you will find a number of very generous and knowledgeable people here. You can write about any subject related to AmiBroker, trading, data providers, etc. but please note that your mail will be distributed to 500+ subscribers. What is the role of list owner? List owner's function on the list is to help new users understand basic functions and help them get started, not to develop user code. To be fair to all, list owner must limit the amount of time spend on any particular question or person What are the guidelines for posting? Many questions posted have been asked before, users are encouraged to read the AB help and search the list before posting a question. To protect copyrights DLL code should not be posted to the public Amibroker-User list, a private list for registered users is available for DLL development: Amibroker-DLL Subscribers that do not use standard list etiquette may be removed from the list if a subscriber vote indicates that this is what the list wants. I have got a bug report. Should I send it to the list? You should send all bug reports to bugs@xxxxxxxxxxxxx . It greatly helps me in bug tracking. Bug reports automatically generated by AmiBroker are sent to this address by default. I have got a suggestion. Should I send it to the list? You should send all suggestions to suggest@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx I have got a request/support question. Should I send it to the list? If you feel that other AmiBroker users may help you or your problem is general enough so everyone can benefit- just send it to the list. People on this mailing list are very helpful and knowledgeable so you may get the answer very fast. If you, however, want list owner to answer your specific question please make sure you at least mail a copy (CC:) of your request/question to support@xxxxxxxxxxxxx This way it will be much easier for me to sort the messages and answer your question quickly. How big the e-mail traffic is on this group? Expect 50 or more messages per day. If you are not prepared for receiving such an amount, consider viewing messages via WWW (http://www.egroups.com/messages/amibroker/) For low traffic, announcement only list please check: http://www.egroups.com/amibroker-news/messages Where can I find the files posted by the subscribers? Files are available in the AmiBroker YahooGroups file section. AFL Formulas are usually posted to the AFL library at: http://www.amibroker.com/library/ Tomasz Janeczko, AmiBroker group list owner.