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[amibroker] Re: Clarification

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Hi, Tomasz:

On 24-Nov-98, Tomasz Janeczko wrote:

> >Should not the label for the gadget for the number of shares be "Shares
> >Issued", or better yet, "Shares Outstanding"?

> Yes, the gadget shows Number of Shares Issued.

Yes, I was refering to the "label" for it, though. I knew I should have
stressed the missing "d" but didn't. Sorry.

> No. Nominal value is not that important to ordinary stock-player. It is
> given in prospectus and refers to the company's capital.
> It is a value of stock capital divided by number of shares.

> So, for example in Wall Street Journal from March 11,1998, there was an add
> saying that 7000000 Shares of GPU, Inc.
> are offered -Common Stock (par value ___$2.50____ per share) - Price
> $39.5625 per Share.
> So in this example Nominal value is given in brackets

> Book value is bookvalue. Nothing more. It is published (at least) once a
> year after closing financial year.
> It can not be calculated by AmiBroker. It is needed for calculation of P/BV
> (Price to Book Value) ratio.

OK, thanks for the simple explanations. My basic investor's course did not
include "nominal or par value" in the new issue coverage. Harumph! Basic
info like this could be added to AmiBroker's docs. ;^)

> >Re: the Financial Data window

> Yes, not all financial reports include "sales income". It works only for
> trading companies. Gross income will work in most cases.
> EBT are Earnings Before the Tax
> EAT are Earnings After the Tax ( not an income! ) - it is needed to
> calculate P/E (Price to Earnings ratio)

Right. Since there is no place for net income (a more final figure), I am
using the EAT gadget to input that figure. It works out closely for the P/E,
unless there are lots of extra deductions.

> >The most sought after information is that related to earnings growth.
> >Do you have anything planned for this?

> Yes, I thought about it but in general I will not implement more
> fundamental support into AmiBroker
> in 3.0. I have so much to do now, without the fundamentals so it will wait
> at least some months.

That's fair. Have fun with 3.0.

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