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[amibroker] Re: AREXX script for importing End-of-Day ASCII data?

  • To: amibroker@xxxxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: [amibroker] Re: AREXX script for importing End-of-Day ASCII data?
  • From: Terry Chadban <terryc@xxxx>
  • Date: 9 Oct 1998 04:23:04 -0000

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Hello Donald,

On 07-Oct-98, you wrote
about [amibroker] Re: AREXX script for importing End-of-Day ASCII data?:

> Good to hear from you, Terry! Are you still computing on a boat? ;^)

No, I didn't need to build the Ark, it stopped raining in time, and the
houseboat was just an idea - still thinking about the idea though :-)

> I guess that the other un-named fields are trades, previous open,
> close? This is one of the problems with text data - there is no real
> format. Every supplier seems to have its own way of doing things. I do
> an idea as to how this might be done generically, though.

I think that you are still missing the point, Donald. I wasn't looking for
a *specific* script to suit a *specific* data source, but a *general*
with enough flexibility to suit most of the popular ASCII formats. This
should be builtin to AmiBroker, but until it is, we all need some way of
getting EOD data (from whatever source) into AmiBroker. If you go to:


you will find samples of most of the popular ASCII formats available. The
main problem with AmiBroker's ASCII import function at the moment, as I
said earlier, is the fact that you need the '$NAME' variable on one line,
and the '$FORMAT' variable on the next line. If AB was flexible enough to
include the 'NAME' variable in the '$FORMAT' variable then there would be
problem. Most of the various formats use some variation on the format:

ones that I am looking at at the moment has the following options:

PREV.CLOSE,BID which just about covers everything :-)

> The header above has tickers, but does any data include the full name,

No, all the ones that I have seen lately have just got the ASX code, not
the full name, in the datasets.

> Do you have a data source that includes corrections for yesterday's

No, to date I have found NONE at all that even admit there are errors in
the data :-)

> Do any suppliers include indices?

Yes, most of the ones that I have looked at recently carry the Indices as
part of the dataset, under the ASX codes of XAO (All Ords), etc. Some even
carry major overseas Indices like the DJIA, FTSE etc, but usually under
some obscure code, so you wouldn't be able to mix-and-match the datasets.
The hunt still goes on for the perfect Aussie data source :-(

Bye for now,
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like an elephant.

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