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[amibroker] OS 3.5 & PPC support

  • To: AmiBroker Mail list <amibroker@xxxx>
  • Subject: [amibroker] OS 3.5 & PPC support
  • From: Donald Dalley <ddalley@xxxx>
  • Date: 5 Oct 1998 05:00:05 -0000

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Hello, Everyone:

It's official! OS 3.5 will go ahead ('99), and it will support the PPC chips.
There will not be a PPC version, however.

Highlights concerning the OS3.5 upgrade:

RTG Support
RTA Support
CDFS Support
New Interface

Plus bug fixes and updates to several areas of the OS.

It will use 3.1 ROMs, and will be on CD-only.
Upgrade and thou shalt be rewarded. ;^)

A web site will be available soon.

Also, the Next Generation Amiga will have a Classic Amiga emmulator
*which will allow all software authors to continue supporting the platform,*
while they develop native programs for the NG.

---===///||| Donald Dalley |||\\\===---
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