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Re: [amibroker] 3.0 Wish List

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>> In fact I am now implementing something like a compiler ;-).
> I take it that this is for light-speed calculations?

Don't expect that a new engine will be faster than the existing one since
some speed-ups will be
eaten-up by complexity of language.
Talking about compiler I meant that a new language will support variables,
different types
(data arrays, floats, and strings) and complex expression evaluation.

>> >Also, the main price chart does not include the OPEN price.
>> >Is there a good reason not to include it in the grab bar?
>> There is no other reason than limited space.
> Could you make it available for those of us who have wide displays?
No problem.

Best regards,
Tomasz Janeczko
AmiBroker WWW Site: http://www.polbox.com/a/amibrok

PS. Does anyone else want to speak??? Or only Donald has something to
say/ask about the AmiBroker?
If anyone wants to ask a question PLEASE don't hesitate any more and post
your question to AmiBroker mailing list.

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