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Re: [amibroker] More information

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  • From: "Tomasz Janeczko" <tjaneczk@xxxx>
  • Date: 4 Aug 1998 16:14:22 -0000

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Hi Everyone!

>[On August 3rd, Mortillaro Rosario wrote:]
>I know the problem of computer power,
>I want to up my computer with powerpc from Fhase5.
>Will you be able to support ppc.library ?

To support PowerPC processors it is not enough just to "support"
ppc.library. In fact the whole
program have to be compiled for PPC and then it will gain an extra speed.
ppc.library is a set of functions
which helps interfacing PPC to normal 68k code (found in ROM and system
libraries etc.).

Although I do not have PPC board, I have already made some experiments
with compiling code for PowerPC
using experimental PPC SAS compiler. There are however some problems with
developing for PPC:
1. Since I don't have PPC board I can not test the code - the only solution
for now is to check it "remotely" (thanks to some friends who own a PPC
2. SAS/C compiler is still experimental and (what is more important) Steve
Krueger (the last guy from SAS Institute
who has developed the compiler) has announced that there will be NO future
support/versions of this compiler.
3. PowerPC handles C-structure packing differently than mc68k so making a
PPC version is not simple

Anyway I need a user base to make porting to PPC worthwhile. If just 2-3
users have PPC it will make no sense.

Best regards,
Tomasz Janeczko

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