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[amibroker] More information

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  • Subject: [amibroker] More information
  • From: "Tomasz Janeczko" <tjaneczk@xxxx>
  • Date: 1 Aug 1998 20:43:43 -0000

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Hi everone!

[On August 1st, Rosario Mortillaro wrote:]
>In any case anyone can ask information about the Italian Stock Exchange.
>I agree with Donald in insisting on development of a warning partner
>alarm for the Japanise Candlestick programme.I have not enough experience
>to be able to help Donald at the moment with this programme.

As I wrote in my previous posting ("AmiBroker 3.0 break-through technology")
pattern recognition will be integrated with a new analysis engine.
Moreover you will be able to write complex formulas for detecting
set of patterns appearing in the specified order.

>Another automatism would be interesting in the runnong of portfoglio is:
>"STOP LOSS.....TAKE PROFIT" with insertion of the information "INTRADAY"
>to have a look into the progress of the shares as soon as possible.
>This is the first STEP to be able to use AmiBroker on a "REAL TIME" basis.
>In Italy there are "REAL TIME" satelite services for a chargie of $6 a day.
>Is it possible in the future that these costs will be lowered. AT that time
>if Tomasz works quickly we will be up there too.

Well, maybe you know that Equis has just released their Metastock
Professional which is able
to handle real-time. This is their first system which allows that.
But... they have hundreds of developers working on Metastock ....
BTW. New AmiBroker Formula Language will be at least as powerful as language
built in Metastock 6.5 (the latest version
of premier PC tech-analysis tool), in some areas, however it will be even
more flexible.

There is however one problem related to all this fancy features - computing
AmiBroker 3.0 will utilize floating point arithmetic in all calculations
(oposite to integer/fixed poind calculations
performed by versions <= 2.71). The main reason for choosing integer
arithmetic at the beginning (from ver 1.0) was
speed. In fact using floating point arithmetic on non-FPU machines slows
down calculations several times.
However there are some drawbacks of using integer/fixed point arithmetic:
1. fixed resolution ( to 0.01)
2. overflow problems (appearing especially with volume/sales data) - numbers

AmiBroker 3.0 will give you higher resolution ( upto 0.0001 ) and wider
range (upto 10^38) but in expense of
additional computational cost. So it WILL be significanlty slower on non-FPU
So having FPU (either 68881/882 or builtin '040, '060) will be essential for
AmiBroker 3.0.

>All the rating for the Stock European Exchange should be trasformed in
>before 1/1/1999 I.E. the CEE (Unified European Currency)
>Tomasz I hope you can do this for the European users?

That should be no problem, if you can see any problems just let me know.

>Using AB I have discovered that when I use daily return ratio there is a
>of all the shares with a daily rating in "DECREASE" order.
>I think it would be useful to be able to "CLICK" on individual shares for
>information and not to the Select Box.

This is already on my "TODO" list (most probably you will see it in 3.0)

Best regards,
Tomasz Janeczko

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