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Re: [amibroker] Change of symbol name in portfolio

  • To: "AmiBroker mail list" <amibroker@xxxx>
  • Subject: Re: [amibroker] Change of symbol name in portfolio
  • From: "Tomasz Janeczko" <tjaneczk@xxxx>
  • Date: 3 Jul 1998 18:45:53 -0000

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>Hi, Tomasz:
>How do we handle a name change of a symbol in the portfolio.
>It looks like we have to sell it, then rebuy the new one.
>This involves two non-existant commissions, no?

You can also use the menu items: Portfolio/Remove Stock and Add stock which
are intended for
such operations (they do not touch the cash, allowing you to correct
portfolio entries)

Best regards,
Tomasz Janeczko

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