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[amibroker] The World of AmiBroker Support - import script review

  • To: amibroker@xxxx
  • Subject: [amibroker] The World of AmiBroker Support - import script review
  • From: Donald Dalley <ddalley@xxxx>
  • Date: 28 Jun 1998 18:11:47 -0000

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Hi, Tomasz:

Thanks for starting a maillist, Tomasz! Now we can all talk directly
about our favourite program, eh?

I waited a few days for people to join it before posting my notice.

Did you put the mail-to address in the first mailed notice you sent out?
I didn't see it, but then I was also trying to figure out why my serial
port died. (see, spare Amigas & terminals are STILL useful) ;^(


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