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AmiBroker software

AmiBroker helps you make stock trading decisions by graphing historical price and volume data. AmiBroker has all of the major features you need to look after your stock portfolio, including a formula language to build custom chart indicators, quickly search large databases for a select few to study more closely, a portfolio manager and much more.

Featuring End-of-Day and Real-Time charting and analysis, equity function, unique composite indicators, intraday backtesting, position sizing, multiple-security optimisation and more!

All the most popular studies and indicators are built-in, including: candlesticks, moving averages, Bollinger bands, trend lines, Fibonacci retracements and timezones, comparative relative strength, parabolic stop-and-reverse, directional movement, MACD, ROC, RSI, Stochastics, Ultimate, TRIX, CCI, MFI, TRIN, NVI and more.

AmiBroker has a custom programming language called AFL which incorporates analysis functions, allowing you to back-test your trading systems (with detailed reporting), build custom chart indicators and perform screening of large databases.